Our Strategy

Seeking companies ready to elevate performance.

Our Strategy

Seeking companies ready to elevate performance.

We partner with people that want to drive improvements in growth, competitive position and profitability.

Investment Criteria


  • Up to $75.0 million in sales for platform investments
    (no minimum for add-on acquisitions)
  • $2.5 to $10.0 million of equity per platform


  • Family/Entrepreneur-owned businesses
  • Complex special situations in out-of-favor but viable segments
  • Operationally-challenged companies
  • Corporate carve-outs or orphaned divisions
  • Executive-led transactions

Business Characteristics

  • Leading company in niche market segment (or potential to become such a leading company)
  • Under-resourced or in need of capital
  • Defensible competitive position
  • Capable management (can be brought by us)
  • Actionable opportunities to elevate performance

Our sector focus

  • Manufacturing
  • OTC Consumer Brands
  • Business Services
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Industrial Services
  • Building Products
  • Engineered Products
  • Energy Services
  • Packaging

People build great companies.

We believe that working with talented leaders and teams is foundational to building an enduring business. We want to work with people who have high standards, internal motivation and an improvement-oriented mindset.

We partner with outstanding people.

Working with high-performing leaders and teams is the foundation of a successful investment. Gardner Standard is committed to identifying and partnering with outstanding executives.

The Gardner Standard Executive Partnership Program (GSE Partnership Program) involves working together with high-performing executives to invest in businesses that we believe have the potential for long-term value creation. Gardner Standard provides professional and financial resources that help turn acquisition ideas into reality.

To learn more about the GSE Partnership Program, discuss an investment opportunity or introduce a potential GSE Partnership Program candidate, please email us.